Our recreational program is great for building confidence, learning a new skill and having fun. Each class is grouped by age, allowing students to get to know new people while learning the fundamentals of dance and building on those skills.  

Ages 2-5

Our 2-5 year old classes are intended for new dancers ages 2-5. Classes are 30 minutes long and give children the opportunity to learn independence from Mom and Dad. These classes are specially designed to use play and imagination as our main tools for learning.  These exciting foundational classes not only build important skills but also inspire a love of dance giving your little dancer strength and confidence to be amazing learners and movers. These classes are great to develop skills in: 

  • Strength, Flexibility, and Coordination
  • Sharing & Taking Turns
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Spatial Awareness and Balance
  • Confidence
  • Creativity 

Ages 6-8

These classes are the next step beyond the 2-5 year old classes.  The classes are aimed at young dancers ages 6-8. Classes are 45 minutes long and allow students to learn basic terminology and movements in each subject. Students will also start to focus on musicality. 

Ages 9-11

We base these classes off of an age-based curriculum that builds with them each year. These classes are specifically designed to foster the love for dance while honing in on development and age-appropriate learning. Classes are 45 minutes long. 

Ages 12 & Up

Our 12 and Up classes are perfect for beginners up to advanced dancers.  Whether a dancer is brand new to a style or is simply reworking foundational skills these classes touch base on everything. Classes are 45 minutes long. 


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Working hours

Monday – Friday:
07:00 – 21:00

07:00 – 16:00

Sunday Closed