About Underground Dance Co.

Underground Dance Company opened in the Fall of 2006 with the concept of “Follow Your Dreams”  Our goal is to inspire every dancer that walks through our doors.  Our reputation is for original choreography, commitment to our dancers, and excellent technique... these have earned our dancers top regional and national awards. 

We strive to keep a family environment and mentor all those within our walls.  Whether you are interested in the competitive world or just want to have fun, we have programs and classes for ages 2 to 19. 

Our teachers are professionally trained and educated with many years of experience in the dance industry.  Through their knowledge and skills we are able to give your dancer the opportunity to achieve their own goals. 

We are thankful for the opportunity to express the emotions of life through the art of dance.  Bringing to your dancer the ability to instill confidence, have self respect, and benefit from the beauty of dance.    Our goal is to move audiences with our performances and bring the art of dance to the world.


Underground Dance Co.